• Robert James Finch.

    Robert James Finch. Estadounidense. Mineralogista, Cristalógrafo, Geólogo y Químico

    Robert James Finch. Estadounidense. Mineralogista, Cristalógrafo, Geólogo y Químico
    Analista de investigación, Sandia National Laboratories
    Entre su amplia bibliografia como autor o co-autor, se citan:
    Systematics and Paragenesis of Uranium Minerals
    The corrosion of uraninite under oxidizing conditions
    Structure and chemistry of zircon and zircon-group minerals
    Uranium: mineralogy, geochemistry, and the environment
    Rare earth elements in synthetic zircon: Part 1. Synthesis, and rare earth element and phosphorus doping
    The crystal structure of schoepite, [(UO2)8O2(OH 12](H2O)12.
    The role of pe, pH, and carbonate on the solubility of UO2 and uraninite under nominally reducing conditions
    Rare-earth elements in synthetic zircon: Part 2. A single-crystal X-ray study of xenotime substitution
    Oxidative corrosion of spent UO 2 fuel in vapor and dripping groundwater at 90 C
    Wyartite: crystallographic evidence for the first pentavalent-uranium mineral
    Structural relations among schoepite, metaschoepite and" dehydrated schoepite".
    The crystal structure of ianthinite,[U24+ (UO2) 4O6 (OH) 4 (H2O) 4](H2O) 5: a possible phase for Pu4+ incorporation during the oxidation of spent nuclear fuel.
    KNa3 (UO2) 2 (Si4O10) 2 (H2O) 4, a new compound formed during vapor hydration of an actinide-bearing borosilicate waste glass
    Refinement of the crystal structure of rutherfordine
    In situ determination of the compressibility of synthetic pure zircon (ZrSiO4) and the onset of the zircon-reidite phase transition
    Weathering of natural uranyl oxide hydrates: schoepite polytypes and dehydration effects
    Crystal chemistry of uranyl molybdates. V. Topologically distinct uranyl dimolybdate sheets in the structures of Na2 [(UO2)(MoO4) 2] and K2 [(UO2)(MoO4) 2](H2O)
    Alteration of natural UO2 under oxidizing conditions from Shinkolobwe, Katanga, Zaire: A natural analogue for the corrosion of spent fuel
    Retention of neptunium in uranyl alteration phases formed during spent fuel corrosion
    Description and classification of uranium oxide hydrate sheet anion topologies.
    Un nuevo mineral, recibió el nombre de moabita, en su honor.

    Autor: José Luis Zamora Rubio